1-On-1 Collaboration

You’re ready. You’ve made the brave decision to get out of your rut. Perhaps you’ve even made some great strides in life recently. But as you overhaul your habits, mindset, and relationships, you may feel lonely.

  • Your girlfriends are great listeners, but are busy with their own lives and don’t seem to comprehend the depth of what you’re dealing with.
  • Many of the articles you’ve read seem superficial and full of quick fixes. You want the deeper stuff and you don’t mind playing the long game.
  • You’re worried as you begin to dig, you’ll uncover some sensitive issues you don’t want to share with just anyone.
  • You are confused about where to begin and how.
  • You are open-minded and don’t mind some digging, even if it’s scary.


I’m not a counselor (who will diagnose you) or an accountability partner (who will babysit you).

I am a facilitator and a teacher. I will help YOU make your way through the issues, by asking/answering questions, offering tools, and sharing my experience. Together, we will collaborate to come up with goals, and next steps for you.

What to Expect:

Your individual needs will drive the conversation and resources offered in the sessions.

During the initial session, I will begin to get familiar with who you are and where we should begin. I will also give you your first assignment to be completed before the next session.

During the first week, we will identify needs, set goals, and get an idea of our collaboration trajectory. Sessions are weekly and will last up to 45 minutes. In between phone calls, you will be given assignments – reading, journaling, actions to take, etc. and these will guide future sessions. You will have unlimited e-mail access to Kristen between scheduled phone calls.

Things to think about:

-This collaboration will have the intensity of an online course. There will be assignments weekly (written, action, thought, or all three), and some time should be devoted to this. Yes, I hear ya, life gets busy. But, dear, life will always be busy so it’s up to you to decide what projects are going to fill your schedule.

-A big part of our sessions will be introspection. That means turning inward and looking at ourselves. This can be very uncomfortable at times but it is sooooo necessary for change. I will be there to support you along the way and remind you to look at yourself gently.

The logistics:

Sessions are up to 45 minutes long and are conducted via phone call or Skype.

Cost  per session is $75. Payment is expected prior to each phone call.

A minimum of four sessions is required. We will discuss frequency of sessions in our initial phone call.

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